Established in 2001, BSW offer complete cleaning solutions for construction across the UK


BSW Contractors Ltd is committed to ensuring that all reasonable steps are being undertaken to deliver only sustainable products and services to all our clients and that only sustainable products and services are purchased from our suppliers.

The objectives are:

  • Reduction of carbon emissions by wise use of transportation
  • Encouraging suppliers and clients alike to conduct operations in an environmentally efficient manner.
  • Reduction of non-sustainable products and services by transfer to companies using recycled base products and sustainability managed forests
  • Recycling and encouraging suppliers to recycle wherever possible including metals, paper, plastics and electrical equipment
  • Promote diversity and equality within the workforce via recruitment and retention.
  • Encourage use of new working systems, methods and equipment to continually improve our carbon footprint.

In consequence BSW Contractors Ltd will pursue the following sustainability programs of action:

  • We will monitor use of energy and maximise efficiency with which it is used. This includes eliminating unnecessary energy use, pursuing a program of energy conservation and reviewing water usage.
  • We will prompt general environmental awareness and education within our community.
  • We will endeavour to assess every major new initiative for its environmental costs and benefits.
  • We will monitor our environmental performance to demonstrate continuous improvement.


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